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I don't even know what I'm doing, but it seems to be working.
The short and stacked half-elf girl is my OC Felicia.
I prefer to make cute and lewd art. But I might have some fetishes that might surface.

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Sorry to here about that. Hope it gets better for you

I'm used to it. Kinda wondering if stuff could be cleared up.
Seeing that the rule states "This includes art made with Source Filmmaker; if you did not create the character models, please do not share your piece in the Art Portal."
Felicia and Ankha are my own made models. So this is a bit odd

"Felicia and Ankha are my own made models. So this is a bit odd"
If that's the case then the removal is a blanket decision to quote another response post made literally when this was made by another user:

sekru about 8 hours ago
Tom Fulp, made the final decision regarding SFM art yesterday.
As of now, uploading screenshots taken with Source Film maker is no longer allowed.
Keep in mind that uploading animations in the movie portal is still perfectly fine and will not ever get banned.
Basically the reason why this happened is because of 4 reasons.
1.People were uploading stuff using stolen models that they didn't have permission/right to use.
The mods simply don't have the time to check every single submission on whether the person who uploaded the picture has full rights to use every single model in every picture.
2.The flooding of SFM pictures was not considered fair to regular artists since every single traditional piece of art had to compete with 30+ sfm porn pictures for attention/space in the art portal.
3.The site also has tons of 3d artists who make all of their stuff from scratch and upload their content to the art portal. Once again, it's not right for them that the 3d art section is flooded with content that people made with assets that they ripped from SFMlabs and just posed up in SFM.
4.SFM art was already a grey area when it came to the TOS. https://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-information/terms-of-use/art-guidelines
The rules forbid the posting of content made with "scene creator tools" or content made using "public files/3d models" since the content created with these was considered to be created by the person who created the tool/model, not the person who made the scene. Today was basically just the first day that the mods started enforcing the rule.

So from that, it proves that SFM was always something mods were weird about but still allowed because we all know "Sure, it might not be their model but it's transformative in nature so it's not EXACTLY stealing," but with the influx of new users it became "okay, it's too much to keep track of and it's flooding the portal with someone else's work and they're not here to say it's fine or anything and they're getting more attention for essentially less work that technically doesn't belong to them." I get it. It's the old 'teacher hears someone doing things behind their back but they turn around and there a million kids there. They let them get away with it while keeping their guard up or down a bit and suddenly a quarter of them do the same thing. This repeats long enough until the teacher says enough is enough and punishes the whole class. The students get mad, I call them out and get let out before any of them, they come to me saying-' -you know what, you get the idea. Teacher is one human being, NG is one small site. That said Pixiv and NaughtyMachinima are options.

I figured that and was quite cautious when I started to upload my stuff here. I could've dumped everything but I just decided with what I saw was high quality pictures only. Still the rules make sense and I'm not going to fight for it, Tom's website, Tom's rules.

Just curious, wouldn't blender be seen as violating the terms too? Seeing as it's a scene creator tool, but with the ability of creating your own assets.
Perhaps it's time to take the next step in 3d art for me.

I was kinda expecting this, given how whenever "that one guy" reposts my stuff outside of the usual site, theres people going "why did you make this/no/stop/wtf its wrong with you"etc, and I take that as what the general public thinks about 3d.

@mixmaster1000 @Tahlian If it's not in the rules, it's not against it as far as I can see. I figure 3D art is still a head scratcher due to the ease of transforming images and all that so if it became a thing, I get. It's unlikely though. SFM looked to be so prevalent and easy to use so people would often use that because there are a ton of assets for it. Blender is a better option, it seems. I do see them still being uploaded and as far as I can tell, nobody seemed to have dipped into transformative content using that.

I'm already seeing people getting mad that this decision is being made. Saying they're dropping NG and going to other places (another mentioned was piczel). That's fine. If they choose not to try to make their own assets it is what it is. The stuff they posted was already a concern because it didn't completely belong to them. Newgrounds wants full (or at least as full as possible) original content. Probably why they're not banning movie submissions using SFM. The difference between the puppet creator and the puppet master and all that. They have made it official now though. SFM is too much to handle and it can't be guaranteed that those posting it own it. And that's not fair for the creators.

Blender is mentioned in the art resources section as a free program you can use. So I guess it's allowed. Still hoping for a full explanation from Tom at one point, the rules seem to contradict his statement.