I love shortstacks and voluptueus.
I do have my fetishes but prefer to keep it SFW/lewd. Although I've been getting more open about them.
Felicia: Short elf
Kimiko: Tall Red Panda
Kiki: Purple Monkey
Lily: Albino Monkey with extra boobs.

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Tahlian's News

Posted by Tahlian - 2 weeks ago

Version 1.1.1: https://www.patreon.com/posts/dl-zeena-2nd-65853661
Apologies for the delay, I wasn't allowed to leave my bed for 3 days. 
A fix that took a whooping 2 minutes. Really should've checked it out before claiming "Fixed".


Posted by Tahlian - 3 weeks ago

Monday was a heavy day, but the operation was a success.
Now to lie down for 3 long days trying not to become insane, and i'll be free.

Update on Zeena: It turns out I didn't fix her penis and I'm unable to fix it for the upcoming days as I'm stuck in my bed. Once I'm out, I'll update her and put the fix up.
In the meantime, you can always use the april fools joke to give her a dick. https://www.patreon.com/posts/i-dunno-25792969 

My apology for not double checking the model, I was under a lot of pressure to get everything done and transferred to my laptop before Monday. 


Posted by Tahlian - 1 month ago

Unlike last time, I got time to write this down.

2nd of May I will be undergoing, hopefully, my last surgery.
I'll be getting a medicine pump in my lower abdomen. This pump will be filled with muscle relaxers, slowly releasing the medication in micrograms over a long period, into my spinal area to get my muscles weaker so I no longer suffer from random spasms in my legs/lower abdomen. 

Normally you also get a catheter, but I already have one up my spine from last operation. This one will be lowered a bit because it has been annoying me with headaches, dizziness and nerve pain. From my neck to around my shoulder blades. Hopefully this will finally stop the random pain and dizziness, I'm tired of them.

I'll be out of order for 3 days again. But unlike last time, I have prepared some art to post during the 3 days I have to lay on my back.
Once these 3 days are over, I'll hopefully will be able to continue my life like normal and finally get on the road of recovery for my legs. 

Wish me luck!


Posted by Tahlian - March 21st, 2022

I was meant to post a notice on Friday morning, but they pretty much dragged me a way before I was done writing it.

Context: I've been suffering of some very strong leg and lower belly cramps/spasms ever since I'm in the hospital. a sad side effect from losing my ability to walk. The medication (muscle relaxers) I'm taking would stop this, but you're only allowed a certain dosage a day. Sadly I hit the limit and the spasms are still to strong, so I'm forced to take a medical pump in my body. This pump will be more effective compared to the pills, but you need several operation for it.

Anyway, Thursday (March 17th) evening I received some good news, someone dropped out of the surgery list and this opened up a slot for me. The surgery was going to happen the next day, Friday, morning. Which was maybe a tad too close for me, my mind was rushing out to all sorts of places. But in the end I decided to take it. Friday morning they picked me up, put me in the waiting room. And not even 10 minutes later I was asleep. Quite quick for once.

And after 3 days of being forced to lay on my back, I'm finally sitting up again.
I got the first part in my body now, a tube that is attached to my spine to dispense the medication. Next week they'll start tests to see how I react to it, and after the testing phase, I'll have to wait for the pump itself. 

Moving forward in the world now, bit by bit.


Posted by Tahlian - January 7th, 2022

Sorry that I haven't been active, this is because I'm still in the hospital, and certain sites are blocked on the hospital wifi, but I managed to bypass it. 

December 20th I went to the hospital to get rid of a problem in my back, but the first operation failed, 27th was a second attempt but that one failed too

Yesterday January 6th I had my third one and that one was a success. The problem is removed and hopefully no other area starts to act up. If everything goes right, I should be home in a week or 2 as I need to learn to walk again.

Hopefully I'll be back soon to work on art.


Posted by Tahlian - December 19th, 2021

I've been holding off announcing this for a long time. I've been talking about my health issue here and there, but never put it under a big spotlight. I didn't want to make people feel bad/afraid for several months. Nor did I want any kind of pity points.
I received the news in October, but I couldn't do much but wait, till now.
On the 20th December I'll be going to the hospital for a surgery NEAR my back. Nothing directly with the spine, but near it. There's a difference, less impactful.

A group of small blood vessels have entangled themselves around a major artery. The constant pulsing of the artery puts a pressure on these vessels causing them to expand. Which in turn causes them to put a pressure on my nerve. Resulting in me losing my feeling and mobility in my legs/hips.
I honestly forgot the correct medical name for this, google isn't helping either.

This started probably in August this year. Maybe earlier but didn't pay attention to it. It started with no sense of heat in my legs, thinking the bath had no warm water, only to be surprised when I sat down. The symptoms became more obvious over September where I was having more tripping (loss of balance) and sleeping toes. Eventually had a talk with a neurologist and later an expert on spine issues. Discovering the above issue.
2 Months later and it's starting to put some heavy strain on me, barely able to walk around without having to support myself somewhere, stairs are a pain and I'm missing my bike to move around. It also made me realize how shitty the walkways are here in my town.

So hopefully this surgery will remove the issue and bring me my mobility back. Basically going to burn the veins so no more blood goes through them, similar on how they treat a constant nosebleed. That or use glue... yeah weird. I'm just glad it's nothing with my spine itself. I'll have to remain at the hospital for 4 days to recover (standard procedure), and if everything goes right, I'll be home by Christmas. During my stay I'll have a laptop with me to keep me entertained. I have my models and Blender installed on it, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to get any work done. I don't think the laptop has the power to render, so I'll probably do poses and then put them on my pc to render. But I really hate working with a mousepad, so maybe nothing will happen, we'll see. . One thing is certain, I'll remain in contact on Discord.

TL;DR: Slowly becoming paraplegic, getting operation to stop it and recover, Won't be able to do shit for a few days.


Posted by Tahlian - December 12th, 2021

Our cat Dushi has passed away this night. 
She was a kind and sweet cat, one of the first cats we've adopted from the local cat shelter. 
We were very hopeful for her recovery, but she suddenly passed away. At least she died in her home surrounded by her friends. 

All remaining donations will be send to the local cat shelter to help the local cats. 
I've promised my sister that the commissions will remain open till the 17th.

We would like to thank everyone that has supported us and shown good will. 


Posted by Tahlian - August 6th, 2021

I feel like I should give an explanation on Kiki and some other stuff. It's going to be a bit of a read, but if you're wondering about her and Shantae, read the next line.

Who is Kiki?
Kiki is largely based on Shantae's monkey form (I'm not going to deny this, very heavily inspired) and strangely enough, my starbound character with the same name. A purple female Apex.
She's from Felicia's and Kimiko's world, but not from the island that Kimiko and Felicia live on. One of the reason why the forest elves can't talk to monkeys, it's because they don't exist where they live.
Kiki is me caving into the idea of a monkey oc after the Kong pack got released by Kabalmystic. As all but one monkey had no tail, it kinda bothered me to the point where I decided to make my own. I hope she's going to be as enjoyable as Felicia and Kimiko.

What is Kiki's role?
Besides giving monkeys some more love, she's actually meant to be the third and last OC I wanted to make.
Early on when I made Felicia I had the plan for 2 extra characters to be added to compliment Felicia. 
A human who was going to be Felicia's childhood friend, to be the anchor point for the human side for Felicia and the average height character.
And a wildcard, who became Kimiko. Kimiko sort of took the childhood friend idea, including the "you've grown quite a bit" joke. And took the roll of the largest character.

As Felicia got fleshed out, so did the need for a human character, she kind of became the human anchor point herself. And honestly, Felicia also is considered as a human, kind of lowering the uniqueness. 
There have been other characters interacting with Felicia and Kimiko, guest characters as I'd like to call them.

I hope this clears up some stuff explains my complex mind of things.


Posted by Tahlian - July 8th, 2021

Thank you all for the bday wishes and gifts. And again, no worries if you couldn't supply me a drawing, I rather have you having a good time or work on your commissions. It's the gesture that counts.

Still sad I missed July 4th's picture. I wasn't feeling it and also forgot to do the message. So happy (very late) 4th of July, wave them stars and stripes. Maybe next year I'll get a picture done? Or at least use the idea in a future image. I mean stars and striped bikini isn't an uncommon thing to see.

Speaking of future, I might have 2 things in mind to drop. I'm not going to say it yet to avoid disappointment. It really depends on how work is treating me. Which is much better atm really. Not that moving trash around was a bad thing, I didn't mind it, but working on toys and making sure they're in good shape is fun too. Kinda tickles that old dream I had of making toys when I was a kid.

Anyway, hope you all have a great day, enjoy Iruru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I recommend it.

Posted by Tahlian - July 6th, 2021

7th July :3

Birthday wish is like last year, Felicia fanart is welcome, but not required.
Also apologies for not uploading stuff in the weekend. I've spend those 2 days working on the Bday picture. It's a really big one.